Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wings on Wednesday - The One That Got Away?

The Sparrowhawk visited regularly while there was snow on the ground. There were up to twenty Blackbirds milling around every morning and they must have been easy for a bird of prey to spot from quite a distance away.

I have noticed this male Blackbird visit each day and have wondered if it was one which managed to escape the clutches of the Sparrowhawk. It certainly has a bald spot where feathers are missing. Another possibility is that it escaped the clutches of a black cat which regularly visits the garden. Either way it seems healthy enough, eats well and is able to fly.

Blackbird IMG_3722

Black bird IMG_3725

While the snow was around I did see the Sparrowhawk make one more successful kill. That time it caught a Starling. There is a still photo HERE and a bit of video HERE. The video has two parts. Interestingly in the second part you can see the Sparrowhawk (I am informed it is a mature female) looking apprehensively upwards and at the same time you can hear a Magpie which is out of view of the camera. As raptors  are often mobbed by various corvids the Sparrowhawk decided to take it breakfast somewhere safer.

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  1. Looks like the Blackbird has had a lucky escape from something John! Love the picture of the Sparrowhawk! (you`re right, it is a female)
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  2. Poor old Blackbird! He has definitely had a run in with something and could be either of your suggestions, nasty, whichever it was. Good news that he seems to be functioning properly though.

  3. Great video John, and it certainly looks like the Blackbird had a narrow escape.

  4. It is still visiting Jan so I guess it will survive to grow new feathers.

  5. Thank you Keith. It looks to be one lucky Blackbird.


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