Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wings on Wednesday

A bit of a mixture today. The first is from yet another visit from a Sparrowhawk. Once again it was unsuccessful and landed on top of the fruit cage. I kept the camera on it vainly hoping for a flight shot. It is normally too fast for my reactions but this time I just happened to press the camera release button at the moment it was starting to take off. Pure luck as I was expecting a still shot of it sat on the woodwork.

Sparrowhawk Take Off

A while ago another of the fancy chickens had found its way into the churchyard. Not often I see such a  brilliant pure white bird. After a search through Google images I think it may be a White Cochin Frizzle Bantam.

Chicken P1030418

Lastly during the unseasonally high temperatures last Sunday (maximum here was just over 18C) it was a trigger for insects of all sorts to take to the air in the glorious Sunshine.. This lacewing had settled on the outside of the conservatory door:

Lacewing P1030473

Unfortunately temperatures didn't stay anywhere near as nice and at the time of writing this, midday Tuesday, it is dull, cloudy, just below 8C and feeling distinctly chilly.


  1. A great selection of pics here, John. Fav has to be the Sparrowhawk - I can easily imagine how pleased you were with that one. Brilliant timing on the button - great job :-)

  2. Hi,

    I have had a Sparrowhawk over my estate in recent days along with Red Kites and Buzzards too. I have had the pleasure of seeing some early insects as well. There are many other signs that the seasons are on the move, which is good to see.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

  3. That chicken is a beauty. Love the 'frizzle' look. :-)
    Good catch with the Sparrowhawk.

  4. Thanks Shirl, just a pity the Sparrowhawk was taking off away from me.

  5. Tony Powell: Thank you for visiting and commenting. A few more warm days like last Sunday will help things along.

  6. Keith: The chicken looks as though it has just come out of a tumble drier. Looking at the small wings I think it has to walk everywhere.
    It would have been better if the Sparrowhawk had flown towards me instead of away but 'owt is better than nowt'.

  7. Very clear shots of some special creatures. Always interesting to see plumage under wings and on the body that is noticeable on the Sparrowhawk. The white chicken is a beauty especially with the frizzled touch :) The intricate lacy wings are just amazing on the insect. How unimaginable to have reached 18 degrees, even if it didn't stay. We are still hovering around 7 or 8, going down to freezing at night....and windy as all get out. Spring, please :)

  8. Hello Glo: Temperatures have been fairly normal since then. Lucky to get to 8C and nights down to 2C Amazing how one day can be so different to those either side. It depends on the wind direction; Atlantic, Arctic or Mediterranean / North African air.

    1. Have you noticed how a person can reply directly to the comment now by hitting the reply button? Just realized that on my blog, too.

    2. Had noticed it Glo but not tried up until now.
      Saves having to scroll up and down to remember what people have written.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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