Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What a Day to Start a Family

Woke up as usual at about six this morning to be greeted by rivers of rain running down the outside of the bedroom window. We both put on our waterproofs and went for a short walk. Not just rain, about 70/30 rain with snow mixed in.

Yesterday Mrs Great Tit spent a while on and off in her nest, each time carefully tucking nest material under her as though she was sitting on eggs though I couldn't see any even when she left the nest. Once I spotted the male bring some food for her:

This morning as she moved around the nest I could see one, maybe two, eggs which she covers up when she leaves the nest. This will continue until she had laid her full quota.

I hope the weather will have settled by the time there are hatchlings to feed.


  1. Excellent news John! I wasn't expecting that quite yet. Wonderful captures :-)

    It never ceases to amaze me how everything in the animal world works on sheer instinct, they don't need anti-natal or parenting classes and each parent knows and carries out their duties with such skill and total selflessness....I wonder what went wrong when it came to humans!

    Well, fingers crossed that all goes well, I look forward to watching the story unfold, exciting times! Thank you for sharing such a magical event with us John :-)

  2. Couple of great clips John.
    I love the way she looks at the other half in the first clip, after getting fed. A look that says, 'is that it?' lol


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