Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mrs GT is a Mum

Some time this afternoon the first eggs hatched in the Great Tit nestbox.
Now there are two babies to feed.

Here Mrs GT is eating the eggshell:

Great Tit Eats Eggshell after Hatching

Video feed can be seen HERE. (approximately 7am to 8pm British Summer Time)

The video feed is quite small. The way I see it  a bit larger in IE is to increase the page magnification in IE to 150% then right click on the video and change the zoom figure to 200%. A similar trick in other browsers should work in the same way.

Photo taken from my monitor as I can't take snapshots from the video feed while it is sending streaming video. Mr GT has just given Mrs GT a tiny grub to feed the babies.



  1. A great result. It's amazing to think that I can watch moments like that from the opposite side of the world! Thanks to you for your ingenuity in setting up the video in the nest box - for putting up the nest box in the first place - and then for posting it for the rest of us to see!

    1. It was a relief when everything worked this year Mick. I wish we had cable here then I could get better quality but as they say - owt is better than nowt.

  2. I'm in total agreement with the commenters above! Congratulations to the parents of the two new ones, and of course to you as well :) Soon there will be more mouths to feed.

    1. Thank you Glo. Pleased it seems to be working OK for most. I think there are five hungry mouths now, maybe seven tomorrow!


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