Monday, 23 July 2012

Clouds - Time Lapse - No Dogs

Not a single dog in sight amongst the clouds  ;)
Another piece of time lapse on a breezy morning.

Canon 350D
Canon EFS 18-55mm  on manual focus (46mm)
Intervalometer: Yongnuo Digital  Timer Remote Cord MC-36b
423 shots  1 photo every 10 seconds
jpgs converted at 10 fps to wmv using 'Images To Video' on the PC

About 70 minutes cloud movement in 42 seconds
You need a reasonable size memory card for this as the 423 photos took up 1.14GB
Video size  20.8 MB


  1. I see you've got your head in the clouds again John ;-) Clever video!

    Yesterday's was really fun. I always see pictures in the clouds. As a child I would seem them in the fire and also in the carpet and curtain patterns as well :-) Always day dreaming, that's me :-)

    1. I was hoping to get a time lapse of a sunset but all the clouds gave way to a hazy sky.

      Wish I had been quicker at photographing it as the dog was so clear for a short while.


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