Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Bit of a Clean Up

The Hedgehog House has been in the same place for over two years. In that time a Hedgehog used it for a few nights but it hasn't had a visitor for over a year. It was hidden under other things but very close to the Birdy Bistro so may not have been ideally positioned. Today I decided to move it. Moving the house is easy but re-routing the wiring for the camera is a slightly longer job. First thing was to test the camera was still working. Next bring the house into the open and clean out all the old straw. Amazed to find a crisp packet (I don't eat them) and a couple of pieces of gravel amongst other things.

This time I have not hidden it but it is in a secluded spot immediately behind the shed. Some fresh straw was put inside and a pile under a nearby bush. Also added as an inducement was a sprinkling of dried mealworms. Once the wiring had be re-routed and tested all was ready for any passing Hedgehog to investigate.

P1040072.jpg   P1040085.jpg

Of course what was expected to be no more than a three quarter hour job ended up taking a couple of hours while the outside temperature climbed to about 27C

Camera eye view of the inside of the Hedgehog House under UV LED lighting:

 Untitled 14.jpg

A few video clips of a visit by a juvenile Hedgehog last night:

Another job which has been on the Round Tuit pile for ages was cleaning out the camera nest box ready for any Autumn investigations. The box is easy to maintain as the front is in two section which unscrew. Once the old nesting material had been removed and the box brushed out it was given a thorough spray with Ark-Klens and then left to dry.

P1040074.jpg  P1040079.jpg

Next the camera wiring was checked over and the glass lens cover given a clean.

P1040078.jpg   P1040076.jpg

Finally the front panels were replaced and that was another Winter / Spring home ready for any prospective occupier.



  1. You have been busy. I hope the visitors apprecuate your labours.

    1. Seems to have been a busy weekend in the garden Adrian, before the weather breaks.


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