Saturday, 1 September 2012

Harvest Time

Not a lot been going on here as far as nature photography goes, especially with a fumbling operator. A few days ago I though I had managed some good video of an adult House Sparrow feeding three youngsters. They all stayed out in the open and sat beautifully in shot for ages. When I went to check the video - nothing, zero, zilch, I either didn't press the start button far enough, or twice. Either way there was nothing to show. #@*$& or words to that effect!

Better luck today on the video front. While we were enjoying some chicken thighs, etc. for tea I could hear at least one combine strutting its stuff in a nearby field so we went walkabout in that direction. I could see one field had been started recently. Of course the combine was at the furthest end of the field where I couldn't get near it . The crop, wheat I think, was standing well after the heavy rain. In past years that sort of rain has flattened much of a field.

Harvest 2

We had a gentle stroll up and down the lane while I waited for the combine to come back in my direction. With luck it was going to pass very close to my chosen spot. Penny is learning fast and waits very patiently when I want to use the camera. The combine was kicking up an almighty dust cloud. Fortunately the worst of it seemed to be blowing away from us.

Harvest 1

I stood on the opposite side of the lane to keep away from the worst of the dust and managed some stills and video as it reached my end of the field. As soon as it had turned the corner we beat a hasty retreat to escape the worst of the dust. At first I thought it would be dry, dusty earth being sent up by the combine but what was landing on us was just like the fine ash you get from a bonfire so it must have been from the wheat itself. Of course, when I think about it, what was blowing about was the chaff from the seed husks which were being ejected from the back end of the combine.

 Harvest 3.jpg

The video will be a bit noisy as there was a fair breeze blowing and trying to keep the view still was difficult as most of the time the Sun was in my eyes and I couldn't see much on the LCD screen:

I won't be surprised if they are still combining well past my bedtime. Once they start they tend to keep going until the job is finished.


  1. They are still waiting for things to dry out here but I suspect it won't be long before they start. Photogenic machines are combines.

  2. We got stuck behind one of those in a narrow lane yesterday (and there were two more behind us!!!) It was all over the place because it had to keep veering onto the verges to manoeuvre under tree branches. They are awful if you're out walking and downwind of one! I suspect they will be busy everywhere if the weather stays fine for a few days as they say it will.

    1. I had the same problem when taking Penny to the vets this morning. Fortunately the farm drivers here are pretty good. If you don't hassle them they eventually find a place to pull out of the way.

  3. We don't get many of those on the streets of London! I bet all that dust and wheat chaff gets into everything at this time of year.

    1. I can just imagine a combine or two driving through a city with cars parked both sides of the road. The chaff is not as bad as the burned straw stubble we used to get turning everything black, until the practice was outlawed. At night, looking across to the Lincolnshire Wolds, it looked like WW3 with so many fields on fire.


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