Friday, 28 September 2012

Warning - Lloyds TSB Phishing emails

Watch out for a very poor phishing email which purports to come from Lloyds TSB Bank.
This one I received this evening.


Dear Valued Customer,

We have recently noticed that someone has made "
3 " suspicious attempts
to log into your online account from this (IP) address " "
Therefore our security commitment forces us to block your account
temporarily until you verify your identity on our systems.

There is a link which says will take you to the bank site but really it takes you to a hidden .se site. (in Sweden?)

I don't bank with Lloyds which immediately made me suspicious and the wording is so poor it shouldn't really fool anyone. The IP address given doesn't exist but has been referred to many times in similar phishing emails.


  1. These phishing e-mails really get my hair standing up straight John! I get about ten a week, mostly from banks I don't even bank with! The other lot is from "Hello dear, I'm Mrs...." and then asking for your bank details so they can deposit $50,000,000 and that you can keep 10% because you're helping them get their money out of their country that is collapsing! It takes a tremendous amount of time blocking all these e-mails but the mind-boggling thing is that they must have 200 e-mail addresses because they just keep on coming through on a different address.

  2. I spend a second or two educating spam filters and Chrome is great....AOL less so.....It is too efficient. I have to retrieve a couple of e-mails a week from it.
    What is annoying is Blogger doesn't post to my blog but still has to be deleted from my in box.
    It would be good if Banks could give an account number and sort code to give such Phishers. It should help catch them and if not waste a bit of their time.

    1. PS> Got my browsers and E-mails mixed here. Chrome should read Google. It was a bit early and my mind was on shopping.....Sorry.

  3. Very bothersome indeed ~ There have been cautionary reports in the local newspaper about such scams, including phone scams because some poor old souls have been duped and lost money. Thanks for increasing awareness.

    On a lighter note, enjoyed seeing Penny's glow-in-the-dark collar...I've never seen one before. Also found the photo of her using Monty as a pillow quite endearing. Your mini-snailette is kind of sweet :)

  4. I get about half a dozen of these each day from different banks! A really useful rule of thumb is that if the email starts with 'Dear Customer' then it is most probably a fake and to delete it straight away. If the email actually uses your name then it might not be.


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