Sunday, 14 October 2012

Then There Were Two

I only check the night video captures every now and then. A couple of nights ago was the first time for quite a while that the camera captured two Hedgehogs visiting at the same time.

Soundtrack is Dawn by Positively Dark. They have two CDs of electronic and ambient music which is free to download as individual tracks for personal use including use on YouTube videos. The only provision is a mention of their website which I am only happy to do. The music can be found HERE. It looks to be a good way for them to get some free publicity. There are several tracks which seem suitable for my use anyway.


  1. They amble, don't they? The music goes well with their visit ~ kind of neat that the beat sped up as they became in close proximity.

    1. Unless disturbed they do seem to take life easy Glo.

  2. Hi MM John - have been meaning to get in touch to find out how your new wheelbarrow is doing? Do hope you were pleased with it... lucky you having hedgehogs... I've not seen one here since the early spring which is a real shame... but I have seen the return of our Nuthatch today which is great - I've not posted in ages as it's been SO busy...

  3. Good to see two John.

    Since getting my night camera, I've found I've got a regular visitor every night.
    Unfortunately a couple of cats turn up too.

  4. Let's hope they find your winter home.


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