Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Dreary Time + Domesday

It is a week since the Sun showed for more than a couple of minutes. Constantly overcast sky, low temperatures and a chilling breeze seem to be the order of the day. This shows how the local temperature has stayed constantly below average since last Tuesday:


One day last week I decided to try out a couple of panorama shots using the Nikon. The first looks North across the cricket field and was made from six landscape overlapping shots stitched using the free PC program Serif Panorama Plus 2:

Panorama 01.JPG

The second looks East from the cricket field. It gives a good idea of how flat this part of Lincolnshire is. This one is made from seven portrait overlapping shots again stitched using the Serif program:

Panorama 02.JPG

The above are as taken by the camera. The following is the first given the ReDynaMix treatment in Photoshop Elements:

 Panorama 01rdm.jpg

I often think the cricket field exhibits ridge and furrow features reminiscent of the Medieval strip field system. Running N/S the length of the field there are gentle, regular hollows and high points. The camera is looking straight down one of the dips which shows as a darker colour.

The Domesday Book (1085) records that this village had 5 smallholders and 6 freemen.

2013-02-26 18.21.42.jpg

The village entry (in Latin) is the 4th up from the bottom. A description of the strip field system can be found here on Wikipedia and an explanation of the ridges and furrows left over from that farming system is here on Wikipedia.


  1. Oh, dreary me! ;) That is fascinating info, John. Wonderful to have so much history at one's feet, so to speak. I do a bit of calligraphy myself, so always enjoy looking at such documentation. Hopefully the weather will cheer up soon...and then you can get your lounging chair outside! It seems a long time ago that we were able to sit outside in the sunshine! I'm ready for it too.

    1. Glo: Many of our village names trace back to even earlier times.
      I think I still have my collection of calligraphy pens and brushes though I haven't used them for over 20 years.

  2. For once the wettest part of the UK seems to have done rather well for weather.
    I am not sure about this stitching algorithm It seems to have picked up a couple of bands on the first and last.

    1. You are right about the dark bands Adrian.


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