Monday, 25 March 2013

Macro on Monday - Guess What

gold starOK. There were a few who guessed on the right lines for last week's Guess What. It was a close up of the battery switch on an electronic cigarette so Adrian and Glo who were correct and Wilma with her guess of a nicotine inhaler deserve the virtual gold stars.


Some years ago I decided to try weaning myself off my pipe and bought one of the original e-cigarettes which looked something like a cigarette. I found it unsatisfactory. The battery was supposed to switch on automatically when I sucked but it rarely worked efficiently. Also the small batteries used at that time needed recharging frequently.

I gave up and went back to my pipe for a long while until I discovered some modern e-cigs with larger batteries and manual switches. (the bottom one in the photo)


The main problem I found was keeping the mouth piece clear of any liquid as the nicotine irritates the lips. Recently I have discovered a newish adaption which has a container for the liquid and vaporiser which keeps the mouth piece clean and really works a treat. (Top of photograph)

On to the new puzzle photo for this week.
Guess What:

Clue: four legged vacuum cleaner

From a technical point of view I was very pleased with the above small crop. The photo was taken with my iPhone4 with yet another camera app (645 pro). Its main advantage is the ability to save developed RAW (dRAW) lossless TIFF files which give much clearer results.

Hedgehog Update:
No sign of the hedgehog these past two nights. I hope she (it is often a female which wakes early) has snuggled up in her nest and gone back to sleep for a while.  At least she has had a few nights feeding to help her.


  1. You've got me this time....I'll think on but all I can suggest is Linda McCartney veggie somethings.

  2. well, that's got to be penny's dog kibble. :)

  3. Can I have another guess biscuits. I was pretty close the first time.


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