Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Suet

The half coconuts I have which are filled with suet had been lasting for weeks as the birds gradually helped themselves. Occasionally the filling would fall out of one after it had shrunk during a particularly cold night. A couple of mornings ago I found two were empty where they had been half full the previous day. No sign of any fallen fillings on the ground. When I replaced them with a full coconut half I soon found out what was happening.

It doesn't take long for a large Rook beak to gobble it all up in a very short time:

Hungry Rook.jpg

An old coconut I have reused is one with only a quarter opening which was originally filled with suet. Now it is empty it is useful as a container for seed and suet treats:

Starling 3.jpg

Sometimes birds will spend a while trying to work out how to get at the food:

Puzzled Blackbird.jpg

All in all Birdy Bistro Mk2 is very popular, especially with the cold temperatures hereabouts.


  1. I am suffering a similar problem. The rooks have learnt to lift the fat ball feeder from the hook. Four fat ball gone in minutes.
    The new feeders look very good.

    1. Adrian: The corvids are too clever for their own good sometimes.

  2. they're all very appreciative of your offerings!

  3. Lovely photos John. So the culprit was captured, well sort of ;-) That's a great idea, using the old shell for titbits, does the rain get into it much?

    1. Thank you Jan.
      Some rain gets in the coconut. It depends on which way the wind is blowing. I will have to drill a couple of small holes in the bottom to give a bit of drainage.


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