Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nearly Ready for Summer

The little summer house is very nearly finished and ready for occupation. Just a few bits of tarting up to do. Also waiting for the first decent rain to see whether there are any leaks which need seeing to.

Looking In:
2013-04-13 14.48.23crop.jpg

Looking Out:
2013-04-13 14.49.32.jpg

Not a very inspiring view but I positioned it so I could see the pond waterfall (in front of the blue water barrels) where birds like to bathe. They don't notice me in there so I should get some decent photographs later in the year.

This morning was fraught - not a lot new there then. I want to be able to use the iPad and a cheap s/h laptop I have ordered while in the summer house. My wireless router doesn't have a strong enough signal to reach outside so I bought a Netgear  WiFi Range Extender (WN3000RP) from Amazon. The idea being to have that in the kitchen to boost the signal outdoors. It arrive this morning and I spent hours trying to get the thing to work. It would connect to the router but nothing would connect to it. In the end I phoned the Netgear 24/7 support line (an 0844 number so that cost me money!). It took 40 minutes to set things up but in the end it was worth it as all seems to be working perfectly now. Just hope the laptop connects OK when it arrives. I must say that I was very pleased with the support person who was patient, friendly and knowledgeable. I was quite surprised when I asked him where he was and found that support is in the Philippines. Netgear support is free for 90 days and from this experience I would describe it as superb.


  1. Glad all is sorted John. Net gear throws up some odd screens on my laptop. I just reboot the router and it works for a day....well it does if you get this.

    The pagoda looks good if a little wormy.

  2. Adrian - my router (not a Netgear) seems to reboot itself every so often for no apparent reason.

  3. Well done John! It should be very pleasant on a nice warm day. Good to see what looks like a place for Penny all set up too :-)

    Our router is Netgear, we had two other, different makes to start with which each conked out after a very short time, luckily within guarantee. Our Netgear has been much better and on the one occasion we were driven to phoning the helpline found them very helpful, so often helplines of any description are a nightmare!

    John, I was sure I had commented on your 'Squirrel Tales' but seemingly not. I did enjoy it. Great captures, great captions and great fun :-)

    1. Thank you Jan. I sat out there yesterday though it did rattle a bit in the hefty gusts. The iPad works fine outdoors now. Penny prefers to be outside, watching for invasions of squirrels and pigeons ;)

      When I saw the first squirrel photo with its paw on its heart that triggered the ideas.

  4. If it gets really gusty you might do a Dr Who on us then. John ;-)

  5. Well John, you are ready for your photo/video shoots now – love the director’s chair! I always consider photo views in my garden seating too. Great to hear you finally got all pieces for your summer house, got it built and sorted your techy signal issues which can be a challenge at times. Wishing you a sunny summer – enjoy :-)

    1. Thank you Shirl. Looking forward to some relaxing Summer days.


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