Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Portrait of Mischief

IMG_6320 Squirrel

IMG_6325 Squirrel

IMG_6323 Squirrel

IMG_6321 Squirrel

The final two photos were cleaned up using MV's free Wire Worm plug in to get rid of the electrical cables. The originals, reduced quality:

IMG_6323    IMG_6321


  1. Great photos... mischief as you say...

  2. oh, no doubt! but absolutely adorable little stinkers, they are!

  3. picture 1

    "if i tippy toe no ....reaally.......still."

    camera shutter 'click'

  4. John, I tried wireworm and wasn't impressed. It's done a cracking job here. I use the content aware healing brush in PS but I would have to have selected areas to heal to do this job. If it's a one swipe operation it is a much better tool than I thought.

  5. Adrian: The dark background helped a lot. It did take several goes as the maximum size of the worm was too small for a single pass.


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