Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday at the Flicks - Lambs

The videos were taken about three years ago. I wanted to see how the video collage features would work out in trakAxPC:

For this video I ended up with six layers, though not all show at the same time in the finished video.

Three video layers
Text layer
Background colour layer (a simple coloured jpg)
A sound layer

I wish it was as easy to do similar things with photos in Elements! Maybe it's just easier to see what is going on with video files as all layers are in view and it is easy to see what 'extras' have been added to them. Once the basic working of the program had been grasped I found it easy to construct fairly complex videos. As you will probably gather I find it well worth the present discounted price of £31.88 (including VAT).


  1. adorable little innocent woolies! :)

    1. They always give the awww factor TWG.

  2. It is easy in Elements. It's just the very devil finding out how easy it is. That's Adobe for you.
    This is impressive for so little outlay.
    How long does it take to render? I know it depends on file size just a ball park number of minutes will do.

    1. Adrian: As you can gather I really like the program. As a single facility program (making videos) it isn't bloated like Corel or Adobe so runs smoothly on my XP PC. The pgm file is only a little over 8MB though it loads more resources. Process Lasso shows it using about 80MB of memory when initially loaded with all the data for that video.
      One thing I do like is a panel at the side of the program giving hints and instruction as the mouse hovers over each part of the screen. Great for finding out what does what.
      The lamb video took somewhere around 3 to 4 minutes to process as an mp4 with my 2.5GHz twin processor and 2GB of memory.

    2. By twin processor I really mean twin core.


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