Thursday, 11 July 2013

You Never Know ....

..... what you will find hiding in the garden. There really is a lot more wildlife than we might imagine. Yesterday a new water feature arrived and it prompted me to start tidying up part of the garden which had been neglected for a couple of years. That meant removing grass and buttercups which had gone rampant.

As I moved some disused containers, pots and such like there was plenty of life under them, usually slugs, worms and spiders. I know there are quite a few frogs of various ages and sizes which rest in damp shady spots so wasn't surprised to see this one:

Common Frog

I often see one jump out when mowing near the borders of the lawn. What was a suprise was to find a young Smooth Newt under one of the containers.

Young Smooth Newt 1

Young Smooth Newt

There have been newts in the garden pond for years and I assumed they would be breeding there but look as I might had never once seen any spawn, tadpoles or young newts, only adults,  so this was the first hard evidence that they are breeding. I would think this youngster is about half to two thirds full size.

Even after a tidy up there are still lots of dark, damp places left where it can find a safe home. And the water feature:


Most of the clutter and grass seen behind it has been removed. I am hoping it will attract birds to drink and give me some more photo opportunities.


  1. That is well worth having a tidy up for.

  2. nice addition! i like your frog and cute newts!

    1. Not seen the newts very often so far this year, TWG.

  3. We find lots of newts on our allotment plot often when we are digging we need to transport them to safety as well as numerous frogs and toads.

    1. Sue: Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Great to hear that there are still areas where newts are thriving.


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