Sunday, 3 November 2013

Latest Toy

It's a while since I built an electronic rain gauge using an Arduino and a four line LCD to show the readings. This seems to be working well and the readings tally with the commercial one which suddenly started working again! For October the totals were 3 inches on the commercial one and 75mm on my home made version.

What I want is a more sophisticated display and to add more readings (temperature, barometric pressure and humidity) with a graphical display. To this end I have been researching which colour graphical LCD displays might be used with an Arduino.

Recently I bought a small colour display (128 x 128 pixels, 1.25 inches square) which plugs straight in to an Arduino Uno or Seeeduino to try out and see how well it would work:

Don't go thinking this is all my own work. I am experimenting with some example files I downloaded. Tinkering with those is a good way to learn how to program it. On the whole I am pleased but wish, of course, I had bought a larger display so I now have a 2.4 inch (240x320 pixels) one on order from China. If all works out as I tentatively plan I could end up using both displays.


  1. you are such a technology geek! made me smile. :)

  2. TWG. One way or another electronics has been my main hobby since I was about 13. Then there was so much cheap war surplus equipment about I could afford to experiment on my meagre pocket money ;)


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