Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wednesday was a good day overall.
Blue sky and Sunshine most of the day though tempered with a chilly wind.

(The Sunspot on the left (AR1990) produced a very strong flare on Tuesday.)
NASA video can be watched HERE.

The weather was nice enough for us to take a longer route for our mid-day walkies.  We followed a narrow public footpath which was still somewhat muddy and slippery from recent rain. Half way down I was puzzled to see someone had dumped a bicycle gear in the undergrowth. An example of an IQ0 expecting everyone else to clear up their junk:


Once we left the footpath and started along the main road I spotted one of my favourite house signs:


The wheelwright closed years ago and I don't know whether they actually keep bees there. In the ditch which runs alongside the road there were a few bullrushes looking just about ready to spread thousands of seeds around the area:


On reaching the village school some of the daffodils growing in a Sunny spot under the hedge were coming in to flower:


Further on, in front of the village hall, the wallflowers, snowdrops and primulas were in full bloom:



Oh, yes, I did get Round Tuit and trimmed the grass.

On the afternoon walk we just went to the end of our lane to see what was happening on the farm land. Half way down the field there was some activity where one of the land drains was being cleared and deepened:


Spoiling the country scene were a couple of recently discarded pizza packages:


Someone had obviously parked on the cricket car park to have their lunch and was too idle to take their rubbish home. An example of an all to frequent discourtesy we see in the village.

Back to teeming down with rain this morning and I see that there is a forecast of snow for Friday. It is not expected as yet to reach this coast but it could well mean that temperatures will drop to a more seasonal average of about 6C.


  1. Thanks for this. Spring is well underway. The link was brilliant.
    Your photograph of the sun looks sharper.

    1. Adrian: Seeing some colour really makes life more cheerful.

  2. Replies
    1. Maree: Being on the edge of the countryside makes walks more interesting.

  3. i detest trash, too. humans... love the spring signs. we had another hard freeze here in texas, too, last night - and more projected for next week.

    1. TWG: People seem so lazy and selfish these days. My parents taught me to either find a litter bin or to take my rubbish home to dispose of.

  4. I have been enjoying your posts with all of your stacked photos, etc. Amazing to see and it's obvious that you are enjoying all of the experimentation... with great results.

    Lovely to see the daffodils and wallflowers (one of my favorite fragrances...I'll have to get some). I thought you would pick up that bicycle gear looks like a good candidate for a round tuit project. Package it up in the pizza containers and you have a gift all ready to send... ;)

    1. Glo: Pleased you enjoyed the stacked photos. I enjoy doing them..
      You are much better at lateral thinking Glo. ;)


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