Saturday, 8 February 2014

There is a Sun Up There

Yesterday the Sun decided to show its face for a while. What a difference that makes no matter what the temperature. Anyway that gave me the chance to take my first photos of it.

Taking a photo of the Sun needs to de done in such a way that ones eyes and the camera are not permanently damaged by even a very short exposure to the intense light.  Never look or point a camera directly at the Sun without the correct type of solar filter in place.

What is needed is a filter which is designed for the job. There are many to be found on the internet with a vast range of prices. The cheapest use a specially made thin film which cuts down the light something like 10000 times. One such is the Orion Safety Film Solar Filter sold on Amazon by Orion Telescopes.  I ordered one expecting it to take a couple of weeks to arrive from America and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in a few days from a European base.

Sun Filter 02

It is designed to fit a particular telescope but I had an idea it could be adapted to fit on the front of the 70D with 100-400mm zoom lens. The filter body is made of cardboard which helps to keep the price down. With it came a length of self adhesive foam which I stuck inside the frame - not a tight fit yet so I will find some foam draught excluder strip to put another layer in it. For safety the filter needs to be a tight fit so there is no chance of it being blown or knocked off while in use.

I fitted it temporarily to get a few trial hand held shots:

Sun IMG_0558_Fotor
Canon  70D    400mm  1/250 sec   f5.6   ISO 800

I am quite happy with the result as seen in this cropped photo which shows up Sun spots nicely.  Not bad for a £25 filter! One reason I chose this filter was it displays the Sun in an orange - red colour. Some of the cheaper film filters give a b/w result. It depends on what wavelength of light the filter is designed to allow through.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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