Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wet, Wet, Wet

No, not the pop group.

Though rainfall hasn't been anywhere near as much as in some areas of the UK, January has been a wet month here with hardly a day without any. The land just hasn't had a chance to dry out.

rainfall 2014 January

The graph gives a good idea what it has been like. Unfortunately the base station of my weather station occasionally lost contact with the outside instruments. I have a feeling this has been caused by some interference from a strong local radio signal as I serviced the unit and replaced the batteries last Summer.

My home made rain gauge shows a total of 85mm (3.34 inches) for January.
January average rainfall for this area is about 52mm (2 inches).


  1. It has been a long month. I get sick of rain.

  2. and here in texas, we have had an abnormally dry month of january with no precipitation at all.

  3. thankfully, on this feb 1st, it is lightly raining. :)

  4. We;ve had the most extraordinary amount of rain in January here in South Africa John, never seen it like this. Also wet, wet, wet and not drying out, which is unusual for our fast-draining soil.


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