Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Raynox MSN-202 Super Macro Lens

Yesterday I added the Raynox MSN-202 to my collection of macro conversion lenses. I spotted it available on Amazon about half the price I could find it elsewhere. The DCR-150 has a diopter of 4.8, the DCR-250 a diopter of 8 and the MSN-202 a diopter of 25. These lenses are designed to clip on the front of telephoto lenses.

Obviously I had to have a little play to see what the latest one would produce. I started with a piece cut from my corkscrew hazel bush which had fully opened catkins and the remains of a flower, now fading rapidly.



The MSN-202 has to be closer to the subject, about 32mm and really gets in close. These are the results of a focus stacking session.

Close in on a catkin, un-cropped:
2014-03-17-12.35.42 ZS retouched

Very close view of the flower, again un-cropped:
2014-03-17-12.19.50 ZS retouched

Part of a Muscari flower, un-cropped:
2014-03-17-13.07.33 ZS retouched

As can be seen, especially in the first two stacks, there is a limit to the depth of field as the focus range has limits on the 70-200mm zoom lens I use on the 50D otherwise I am delighted with the results. I don't think this one will be very easy to use hand held, to say the least.

There is a MSN-505 with a diopter of 32 but with its subject distance of 18.5mm I don't think I will be tempted!


  1. They look pretty good to me John.

    1. Keith: Thanks. It is nice to see some tiny detail at times.

  2. Very impressive. How did you manage to light the catkin? I struggle with the MP-E and that focuses at between an inch and four inches.

  3. Adrian: At the moment I always use my anglepoise type lamp fitted with an LED bulb. This is pretty well how it goes plus a bit of natural light from the kitchen window:


  4. Excellent results! I do like how macrophotography opens up hidden worlds.

    1. Thank you Wilma. It's a whole new world of interesting sights.

  5. That is super macro John, especially that last shot.

    1. Thank you Roy. I was pleased with the Muscari macro. That took 25 shots.


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