Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This little experiment was inspired by Adrian (Adrian's Images) when he photographed Brian the Snail on a mirror. Following that we exchanged some ideas about types of mirror. I purchased a cheap A5 front surfaced acrylic 3mm thick mirror and finally got Round Tuit with an experiment. My subject was a miniature bullrush cut from my garden pond positioned so it would be in focus but the reflection would be well out of focus:


The 50D was fitted with 70-200mm lens plus Raynox DCR-150 macro lens. The camera was tethered to the MacBook so a clear large picture could be seen of what the camera was looking at. Four focus stacked shots were taken and processed with Zerene Stacker:


The orange background was from some cupboard doors seen reflected in the mirror.  The only lighting was natural daylight / Sunlight coming through the kitchen window.


  1. That's quite a set up John, with an interesting result at the end.

    1. Keith: Canon provide some useful software with their cameras. Helps with the more intricate photo sessions.

  2. This is very impressive. It's art. I'm hoping for some front surface mirrors soon. I have been thinking of flowers using two pieces of mirror to get a kaleidoscopic effect.

    1. Thank you Adrian. I had thought of two mirrors but for the infinite number of reflections type of view. Could be a problem with depth of view, especially with macro. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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