Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday at the Flicks - Homeward Bound

On our trip to Alford the other day I took videos of the journey both to and from. This is our return journey home. 4x speed using the usual Hyperlapse app on the iPod Touch5:

Soundtrack music was found on
Not a bad recording considering it was made in 1926 and released on two 78rpm records.

This is how the iPod is mounted on the windscreen:


Surprisingly it does not interfere with driving vision or distract as it is showing exactly what I can already see through the windscreen - which still needs a good scrub!


  1. This made my toes curl up.
    The William Tell overture is perfect for this video. The quality is amazing.

  2. Adrian: Apart from the odd Roman road most of our main roads are as twisty as these back roads. No wonder the nearby A18 is called the most dangerous road in England. Of course no road is dangerous, only the impatient idiots who drive on them.

  3. Very clever! But next time could/would you put up a version at regular speed so I could really enjoy the look of the countryside - PLEASE! It is so different from out here - very beautiful and rather exotic :-)

    1. Mick. I'll see what I can do. That 5 minute video took about three hours to upload so I'll try to find a short interesting route another day. I would never have thought of describing Lincolnshire farmland as exotic ;-)

  4. that was fun! great music for a speedy drive.

  5. i couldn't watch much. i did get a bit of motion/speed nausea.


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