Wednesday, 17 September 2014

To the Vets and a Look Round Alford

Yesterday morning it was an early visit to the vets for Penny.  Her gums are still giving trouble so we came away with another dose of antibiotics. Penny doesn't care what the reason is for a trip out. She would happily jump in any car or van which has an open door. She is the perfect passenger sprawling out on the back seat and usually dozing throughout the journey.

After lunch I decided on another trip. This time to Alford to drop off some items at the Greyhound Rescue shop:


There she got plenty of fuss, a bite to eat and spent her pocket money on a new cuddly toy. I decided we would have a bit of a walk round and bought some dog food and dried mealworms for the Hedgehog from one of the market stalls, it being market day in Alford:


After dropping the shopping back in the car we then went for a walkabout to look at the old manor house, an old two storey building with a thatched roof. It houses a museum which I have looked round in the past:



Walking round the side of the Manor House I spotted the original chimney work was leaning though this has been altered a couple of times to straighten it up as can be seen by the different size and shape of bricks:

DSCN3406    DSCN3407

Further round is an outdoor display of old farm implements, mainly ploughs from the days when they had a horse in front and a man behind to keep things on a straight path:





Also spotted was this old millstone, possibly from the windmill which still stands on the outskirts of the town and is kept in working order:


On the way back to the car park we detoured past the parish church which is built on land which is higher than all the surrounding town:



The tower has been used from time to time for abseiling, usually to raise money. I was almost tempted one year but with my vertigo I don't think I would have been able to step out over the top. I took these photos many years ago:

Abseiling 2      Abseiling

After a last look round we went back to the car and Penny sprawled out and dozed all the way home where she was re-united with her new cuddly toy:



  1. This is a good look round.

    Let's hope the anti-biotics do the trick this time.

    1. I hope so Adrian otherwise it will mean more extractions.

  2. such a good girl! :) looks like a fun day for both of you.

    1. TWG. Penny behaved really well considering we seldom go where there are other people and she does expect everyone to make a fuss of her.

  3. Great to have a look round your local area John.
    Hope the antibiotics work for Penny. She looks well pleased with her new toy. :-)

    1. It made a nice change of scenery Keith as we don't stray far these days.


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