Monday, 6 October 2014

A Wash and Brush Up

Autumn Clean2

Finally got round to cleaning out the nest box used by the Great Tits last Spring. Cleared out the old nest, swept out, sprayed with bird table cleaner, ventilated, washed out with plain water, ventilated, camera lens cleaned and all then put back together:

Snapshot 141005_0000     DSCN3560

DSCN3563     Snapshot 141005_0005

All the time my works supervisor was keeping a close eye on things from the warmest spot:


I disconnected the camera which watches the outside of the hedgehog house so I could re-connect the nest box camera. I was going to disconnect the roosting pouch camera but the last couple of nights a wren was using the pouch again. So the available cameras for recording are now:

Snapshot 141005_0007

Now it's a wait and see game hoping a Great or Blue Tit will use the box as a roost now the nights are getting colder. Saturday night / Sunday morning got down to 5.6C


  1. It looks as if you picked the last good day for a while.

  2. Adrian: At least it was sunny if cold. Today is wet, wet, wet!

  3. Replies
    1. TWG: She likes to be close, or better still to join in everything.


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