Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Quick Drink

A couple of days ago I sat in the Summer House for a while braving the cold breeze blowing straight in the door and keeping an eye on the garden pond waterfall. One of the few visitors was a Collared Dove which came for a quick drink:


It flew off again when it spotted me watching:



Every so often I have had a quick look at the nest box in the churchyard. No chance of any birds using it as it was surrounded by bees, some hovering just outside and some going in and out so I assume they have a nest in there.


  1. The folks' bird bath is clearly getting visitors, but no-one has ever seen a bird there!

    1. SDT: Often the only way I can tell the waterfall is used is by all the water splashed about.

  2. Replies
    1. Adrian: One of those rare occasions when a bird takes off just as I press the shutter. I was lucky it was just in shot.


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