Thursday, 25 June 2015

Friday at the Flicks - Sunset Clouds

Taking a video of clouds at Sunset is very much a pot luck, suck it and see, exercise. As I prefer to start a short while before Sunset there is no guarantee that any colour will appear. I got lucky with my second attempt.

Time lapse taken Wednesday night towards Sunset:

Shot using the LapseIt app on an iPod Touch 5.
One shot every two seconds.
Total 1837 frames processed at 24 fps.
Colours and contrast slightly enhanced in LapseIt and iMovie.

Doing the same thing on a DSLR means having hundreds of individual shots which have to be transferred to a PC or Mac to be made into a video with a suitable program.  The LapseIt app for iPhone or iPod Touch does the whole process in one app with the advantage of being able to preview things before making the final video. It is possible to add music in the app but I find it easier to use iMovie on the Mac as I have a large selection of music to choose from on disk.


  1. This is fine, excellent in fact.
    Time lapse with a DSLR has a few advantages if you shoot RAW or sRAW.
    1. It is easy to balance colour if required.
    2. The two dust spots here can be erased on one image in the stack then the rest synchronised to the clean frame.
    3. 2K frame size is so much larger than 720 that you can pand and zoom in post by lust using free transform and key framing.
    4. All usual editing features are available, any of the adjustment layers can be applied, as can text on a separate layer or more reliably in a new video group.

    Having said all this. The end result is about the same once it is mashed by YouTube. My file sizes are horrendous and I often split the stack into more manageable lumps. Slabbing I think it's called.

    I suspect you may have the right approach.

    1. Adrian: I am all for a quick and easy life. I had cleaned the inside glass but didn't notice that small spot on the outside until I saw the finished video.

  2. That was lucky John. Seeing the sun for any length of time lately is just pot luck really.

    1. Roy: There seem to have been more than our fair share of grey skies so far this year.

  3. My internet connection is too slow to view it. Will have to try later. :-(


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