Saturday, 6 June 2015

Now You Feel It, Now You Don't

Yesterday must go down as one of the shortest heat waves even by UK standards. It was forecast that a plume of hot air would move up from Africa possibly bringing electrical storms. Well, they weren't wrong though the storms passed mainly over the SE of the country.

As for temperatures, yesterday started around 10C and steadily climbed until it peaked at 25.2C by teatime:

Temp 2015-06-05

Then steadily declined until it was a mere 7.4C accompanied by a bitingly cold wind when I got up this morning:

Temp 2015-06-06

Here we just had one short spell of torrential rain which seemed to be enjoyed by a frog which slowly hopped its way across the lawn:


It was nice to have had one day where shorts and T-shirt were the order of the day.


  1. Replies
    1. Adrian: I think your wait is over now.

  2. Our nights are still pretty cold John.

  3. we're steadily hitting over 90F here now, so i envy your cool down. :) cute frog.

    1. TWG: I make that 32C - more than enough for me. At least cold nights let the building cool down.


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