Friday, 11 September 2015

Two Very Different Youngsters

Unfortunately I didn't manage to grab any new video this week.
Here are a couple of youngsters I saw yesterday.

First a Common Green Shieldbug.
Looks to me to be a 5th instar, one stage away from being an adult:

There is a good set of illustrations showing the different growth stages of British shieldbugs on the BritishBugs site.

This is what it will look like when fully grown:
 Green Shield Bug

The other was a juvenile Goldfinch which is just beginning to get its colours:



Here is an adult in its full colour:

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. I would have said 4th instar but I am no expert. I know they turn brown in winter. It is an amazing world.
    It's good to see whatever it's stage is...I have only seen one this year.

    1. Adrian. I was doing a Dave over 4th and 5th but I had the advantage of seeing its size and it looked nearly full size so I plumped for 5th.

  2. John, I have never, to my knowledge, seen a shield bug. Must say that I am not particularly bug-minded so would prefer to see one at a distance.

    1. Weaver: They are quite small and pretty in their own way.

  3. Nice ones, John. We recently have seen 2 baby scorpions in the bathroom; I guess they wanted to get cleaned up. ;-) I captured them and put them outside. They are pretty cute when they're little.

    1. Wilma: Don't think I would like to come across scorpions indoors, no matter what size.

  4. that little goldfinch! Such a cutie!


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