Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Waiting For Spring


I was changing the PIR lamp on my summer house and what should I spy right up under the overhanging roof?  A chrysalis in a well sheltered spot waiting for the return of longer daylight hours and warmer weather next Spring:


I had just taken delivery of a couple of tiny (38mm, 1.5in) LED flash / flood lights I spotted advertised at a reduced price on AliExpress. It has taken a month for them to arrive from China. I used one as a hand held flood light for this photo instead of the harsh built in Nikon camera flash. At £3.95 each, postage free, they were worth the wait:

DSCN5409    DSCN5410

They plug in the speaker socket of a smart phone and are said to work as flash lights with iOS and Android phones but I haven't downloaded the software to try that yet. Alternatively they can be used separately and switched on at three different levels of brightness manually. Ideal pocket lights for close work. Each has a built in battery which is rechargeable through USB ports.

Also waiting for Spring:


I turfed out some dying Summer bedding plants and this old planter now contains about 100 spring bulbs, a mixture of dwarf narcissus, crocus and dwarf iris bulbs. It should make a colourful show which I will be able to admire from the kitchen window.


  1. This would make a good timelapse if you moved it inside next year and glued it to a stick.
    What is it? Looks like one of the Fritillaries.
    The tiny lamp was a bargain.

    1. I think your ID could well be correct. They seem to be the ones which have that colouring and shape.

  2. Adrian: I'm not sure what it is. I looked at scores of photos but couldn't match it.
    The Nikon pocket camera often casts a shadow on close shots and then its flash is in the wrong place so the little lamp could be a help in those conditions. That's the theory anyway.

  3. I had intended to plant my tete a tete daffodils in their planters this morning John, but it is pouring with rain.

    1. Weaver: I planted tete a tete along with Sun Disc, a type I haven't tried before.

  4. Frit pupae? Awesome. We barely see the butterflies!


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