Thursday, 25 February 2016

One Round Tuit Less

This must have been one of the shortest lived items on my Round Tuit pile as I managed to get the Arduino driven temperature display boxed a couple of days ago. For the rectangular hole in the plastic front I drilled small holes at the corners and used a Rotozip to cut the lines. Finally finished with a file.


Pity about the small nick in one corner. I would dearly love to have a laser engraver / cutter machine. The display matrix is behind two acetate sheets, one red, one green so only the illuminated LED dots show against a black background.:


One added extra was an LDR (light dependant resistor) which can be seen under the display. This monitors room light levels and is used to switch the LEDs to a brighter level in very bright lighting conditions. The unit is powered from a 5V wall wart. I'm very pleased with the readability of the large display from anywhere in the room.


  1. Looks fine, a smear of filler will sort it.
    Do Laser cutters still need gas on. I think it was CO. Sorry can't remember how to do superscript.

  2. Another round tuit bites the dust. It turned out quite nice. The display is very crisp.

  3. ~~Once again, not 22.6C on my cycle to work this morning! My poor hands!

  4. Are we now going to get regular displays on your blog John? I do hope so.


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