Thursday, 5 May 2016

Video Panorama - Part 2

The new unit for attaching to an old tripod.  An added item is a ball joint I found in the junk box. That enables me to tilt the camera to film more of the sky if that has interesting cloud formations. Also added is a switch which gives me two different speeds of rotation:


A couple of test videos with the Toshiba at different angles:

Those were videoed at the slower speed of rotation which does look more jerky.
It may be better to use the faster speed and then slow it down in the video editor. 


  1. This is working well.
    Will the camera shoot at a higher frame rate?
    It's not as jerky as if I was using the fluid head so that's a bonus.

    1. Adrian: The jerky movement is caused by the tiny jumps the stepper motor makes. It will video up to 60fps so I could try using the faster rotation and slowing down the video in software later. The s/h tripod arrived this a.m. so I now have it bolted to that. I wanted an older one which didn't use quick release. It's good exercise - walking round so as to stay behind the camera as it rotates.


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