Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Our Unelected Masters

Unelected - to rule until 31st October 2019 - the EU Commission.
1 Presedent, 1 First Vice-President, 5 Vice Presidents, 20 Commissioners


This group were not elected, and cannot be removed, by the population of the EU.
They meet behind closed doors and not accountable to anyone.
What they decide becomes law, overruling anything our MPs decide.
They decide the laws to be put before the MEPs.

My reason for voting Leave is so we in the UK can escape the clutches of this thoroughly undemocratic elite.


I really do hope that 23rd July will become celebrated as UK Independence Day.


  1. So do I but I suspect this is the start of a long job to prize the greedy little pigs from the trough.


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