Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Viewed From Above and Below

Saw this moth on the outside of the kitchen window this morning:


Not a brilliant photo through two sheets of glass.

Went outside hoping it would stay still while I got a top yiew:


I must admit, much as I hate moths, this one was very pretty.
It was about 25mm across.
It appears to be a Geometridae moth but which one I don't know.

Looks as though it is going to be an expensive day.
The dishwasher was emitting a nasty smell this morning.
That odour you get when electrical wiring is well above its working temperature.
By the clunking from it I guess a solenoid is past its use by date.


  1. This is a good find and a better start to the day than a shorting solenoid.
    Can't help with the washer but I think the moth is a Yellow Shell, Camptogramma bilineata. They are a beautiful family of moths.

    1. Adrian: Thanks, you ID looks spot on. They are very variable in markings. No wonder I couldn't find it.
      Shot into town this a.m. as soon as shop opened and ordered a new dishwasher, should be here Friday. Present one is quite old and even if repairable wouldn't trust some other part to give up fairly soon.

  2. My dishwasher suddenly stopped yesterday and flashed E24. Took me ages to locate the service booklet - but when I did I found it means 'kink in waste pipe', so the farmer pulled the dishwasher out, unkinked it - I took the opportunity to clean the top and sides and to hoover the floor underneath it. The dishwasher was returned to its place and thankfully has not kinked since.

  3. Weaver: I'm not looking forward to cleaning up when I move the old one - out of sight .....


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