Monday, 15 August 2016

The Pond Dragon

Mid August is usually the time when a few Dragonflies visit the garden pond. Not to breed like the Damselflies, I think they come just to feed as there is plenty of small insect life. Today it was the turn of two male Common Darters. One had chosen a particular vantage point on the old branches I set up in the forlorn hope a Kingfisher may use them one day:




As usual its head was in almost constant movement as those large eyes sought out the next meal. Nor did it stay still for very long, constantly taking off for a short flight and always returning to the same spot. I tried to get a flight shot but this was the nearest. I caught it just as it was landing.


All were taken with the Canon 70D fitted with a 100-400mm zoom lens used at maximum zoom. As the minimum focal distance is around 6m I was usually about 20ft away which meant Mr Dragon didn't bother about me taking his likeness and the background was well out of focus. All photos are crops.


  1. It is exquisite - isn't nature wonderful?

  2. I watched one behaving in exactly the same way yesterday. My camera finds them very hard to focus on.

  3. You got some great shots John, as they don't hang around long do they.


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