Thursday, 8 September 2016

Time for a Breather

Farmers are working long hours to bring in the present harvest and then prepare the ground for the next crop. This tractor driver looked as though he was taking a well earned break:


I see that tractors still have CB aerials. Years ago I used to listen to them putting the world to rights. At least it relieves the loneliness and possible boredom of what must be a monotonous task.


That is quite some plough:


Nice to see the stubble ploughed in to rot down in the soil. Hard to remember the days when it was burned off and the village would be covered in sooty pieces when the wind blew in our direction. I must admit it was quite an amazing sight at night looking across to the higher ground and seeing many fields on fire. I'll never forget one terrifying time when I suddenly found myself driving through the choking smoke from a field fire and couldn't see the end of the car bonnet let alone the road or any possible obstructions.


  1. Yes, John, modern machinery is huge isn't it. Small farmers, as we are, can no longer afford this kind of machinery so usually put all their big jobs out to contract. Makes life a lot easier.

    1. Weaver: Very true. When equipment used a few weeks a year costs so much sharing or contracting out is the only way.

  2. With summer just around the corner here in South Africa, all the farmers are getting their lands ready for the crops now, seeing all the tractors coming to life now! Luckily we didn't suffer any veld fires this year, so that's been a bonus.

  3. I'm going to ride past the onion field soon that I rode past last year; the smell of the harvesting last year was irresistible


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