Sunday, 2 April 2017

I've Got My Beady Eye On You

About tea time yesterday we were sat outside enjoying some Sunshine and the warmest part of the day when a female Blackbird settled on the roof of the Summerhouse just a few feet away:


Fortunately the camera was within reach as I had just missed a great photo opportunity. I had heard some sounds. Just the occasional single squawk. At the same time the local Wood Pigeons had scattered to the four winds. When I looked out to see what it was I was astonished to see two birds of prey flying round together. Not a sight I get to see more than about once a year, if that. Too high and too far away to identify and even further away by the time I grabbed a camera. It was then I decided to sit outside hoping they might fly back this way but that was not to be.

Also missed this morning, a bit of Robin bonding. Female was on one of the cameras when the male flew up to her and fed her the Sunflower heart he was carrying. I've only seen this happen once before and would love to photo it or even better - grab some video.

More moss was being added to the watering can today.

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