Thursday, 18 May 2017

Five Years of Retirement

Not me. Penny. How time flies. Five years since she joined me.
It's a hard life supervising me as I potter round the garden.

My 40 mph couch potato:
DSCN7227 Penny

Weather yesterday.
Just a bit on the wet side:
Weather 17 May 2017

More rain (38mm 1.5in) in one day than the whole of last month.
UV has been up to 7 on this scale recently. Well down yesterday.
Same thing with solar radiation which recently reached 700 - 800 watts/sq m..


  1. The retirement shows in the belly of your sprinter!

    1. Simon: Ah. Middle age spread come to many of us.

  2. she's a lucky girl - and you are pretty lucky to have her!


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