Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Is There a Connection?

I had never heard of such a thing as a Geocache Hunt until I read about it here on Careering Through Nature. It seemed more than a coincidence when I spotted a couple of items in the village.

This one today:

Just a nicely decorated stone wedged in the fork of a tree. Yesterday though I spotted another. This time a larger flat stone again decorated. It was partly hidden in long grass not far from that tree.  I'm annoyed with myself for not photographing it. Maybe there is a local version of a Geocache Hunt going on in the village or possibly some youngsters are having their own version of a local treasure hunt. Either way it looks to be a grand way to get people out in the fresh air and exploring their neighbourhood.


  1. THank you for linking to me! I love those painted stones, although they don't look like caches to me, in my limited experience of finding a colossal 3 of them!

    1. Simon: My pleasure. No more seen today so it will probably remain a mystery.


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