Sunday, 11 March 2018

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WidsMob Montage

WidsMob Montage is a Mac app (program) I discovered when it briefly became available as a free download instead of its usual price of up to $19.99  This is what I will be using for the next set of puzzle pictures starting a week on Monday under the title Monday Montage.

This is how it works.
First choose the background photo, in this case a Robin:

Screenshot (2018-3-10 10.20.28 pm)

Next choose at least five other photos:

 Screenshot (2018-3-10 10.21.59 pm)

Tiny versions of these are used to build up a montage with the program choosing those with suitable matching colours for each position in the photo.

The end result being:

Screenshot (2018-3-10 10.22.23 pm)

Some adjustment can be made to the number of columns of tiny pictures and their size.

Final output:

Robin Example

I'm sure they wont all be as easy to recognise as this one!


  1. Looks fun - can't wait to see the first one :)

  2. Interesting texture [ looks like an embroidery)

    1. Weaver: It made me think of oil paint on a rough canvas.


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