Saturday, 9 June 2018


As regulars cannot have missed I changed my iPhone recently. Mainly to get a bit larger screen but mostly because my old one is no longer supported by Apple and the operating system and many of my favourite apps cannot be updated. One of the apps included in the new one is Health. It can be used to keep a record of all sorts of information but I only use one section, its ability to automatically monitor how far I walk each day. As the phone resides in a trouser pocket most of the time it records how many paces I make and calculates how far I have travelled. The results are shown graphically:

health 080618

Easy to spot when the four legged boss took me out for walkies.

Apparently the number of steps is measured by its built in accelerometer and the distance using GPS.
Both are also used to work out the length of my stride.


  1. Is it possible to speak to folk on it?
    No matter, it would keep me amused for weeks.

  2. I have something similar on my Huawei! RAther helpful


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