Friday, 15 November 2019


Still no takers for the peanut butter feeder. Not a single beak mark.
It always takes time for birds to try out new feeders so I though I would add an enticement.


I've hung a fat ball feeder underneath as they are used to those.
As you can see the jars of peanut butter are well back from the front of the cage.
Even the long Magpie beak couldn't reach through far enough.


  1. I can't recall whether it is Aldi or Lidl but a couple of years ago one or the other used to sell salt free peanut butter a about half the price of the proper bird stuff. Not that cost is an issue if they can't reach it. The other option is to buy a sack of peanuts, if you get over 15kg they are VAT free. Then bang them through the food processor with a lump of lard.

  2. I am sure they will find the new food soon and a clever idea to put nearby something the birds are used to :) Magpies scoff food from bird tables etc here too although the worst "offenders" are wood pigeons!


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