Friday, 23 January 2009

Another Wet Day

Another miserable morning with more of my back lawn disappearing under rainwater. The Blue Tit visited the nest box this morning and took another piece of wood shaving out.

Collared Dove

The feeders and bird table have seen a lot of activity today. They usually do on miserable days. I assume there is less 'natural' food around or it is harder to find. I have seen Long Tailed Tits, Blue Tit, Great Tits, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Sparrows and Starlings all within a half an hour. Also a couple of Collared Doves and a Blackbird were on the ground clearing up any food the other birds dropped.

A few days ago I put up a nyger seed feeder hoping to attract more types of finches. For a few days it put off most birds from visiting at all. They always have to get used to any changes I make before making a cautious return. I haven't seen a finch of any sort visit it yet but the Blue Tit keeps making a quick visit to it.

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