Wednesday 27 March 2024

Hedgehog Visitor

I placed some solar powered lamps near the feeding station hoping they would be bright enough to get some video clips in colour.

They don't last all night but did last long enough for this Hedgehog visit to the feeding station. One of about four visits it made overnight - assuming it was always the same animal.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Blue Tit brief look at the nestbox

A second cautious inspection of the Birbfy camera nestbox.

A slightly longer visit than the first one about a week ago. The video clip has been slowed down to half speed. It doesn't look very sure about venturing inside as yet.

Sunday 17 March 2024

Squabbling Starlings

I can guarantee a noisy session when a group of Starlings descend on the seed feeders.

I always think of them as a brat pack, like little children who only what what someone else has.

Thursday 14 March 2024

A Brief Look

This morning saw the first bit of interest being shown in the new camera nestbox.


I took a still shot from the video as the Blue Tit stayed only for a few seconds.

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Hungry Hedgehog

After spotting a Hedgehog a few nights ago I placed some food in the Hedgehog house hoping it would return. It needs a few really good meals to put back the weight lost during the long Winter hibernation period.. Delighted to see it came again this morning:

There was dried Hedgehog bites and dried mealworms to choose from. As in the past the mealworms were favourite.

No recent sightings of the female Blackcap. She visited the bird feeder for three mornings and then disappeared. I understand that some are resident in the UK and some migrate here at this time of year. Maybe she was an early visitor replenishing her energy before moving further inland. I live about 4 miles inland from the coast.

Thursday 7 March 2024

New Nestbox

My old bird nestbox with a DIY camera setup was getting past it use by date. As the Blue Tits have started house hunting I decided to replace it with a Birdfy Nestbox which has two cameras:


The collage shows the nestbox in the bottom view, with a solar panel mounted above the shed. Top left is the view from the internal camera. Top right is the view from the external camera which monitors any birds coming and going. Now I wait while the birds get used to seeing a new object and then hope someone takes an interest in occupying it.

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Hungry Blackcap

The female Blackcap returned this morning. Obviously very hungry and more confident using the Birdfy feeder.

I wonder whether a male will also turn up one day.
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