Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Hedgehog Update

The Hedgehogs are still visiting the garden on most nights. Usually just one, though sometimes two are seen. At bedtime last night I could see that Penny was investigating something just out of my line of sight. She kept returning to the same spot. I nipped out with the pocket Nikon and managed to get a flash photo of what had caught her attention:


They are rarely going in the Hedgehog house to feed but seem to be finding plenty of natural nourishment in the wilder parts of the garden.

Friday, 30 April 2021

Muntjac Deer in the Garden

Imagine my surprise when checking through the trail camera captures and seeing some clips of a Muntjac deer ambling round the garden. Looks as though it spent a good half hour there. Then it was followed shortly after by a visiting fox. Misty video as the lens fogs when the temperature approaches 0C.

One thing is for sure - a fenced garden is no barrier to curious and determined wildlife.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Fox Daytime Visit

I was quite surprised to see the trail camera had caught a daylight visiting fox.

It can obviously smell the food I put in the Hedgehog house. The vido clip was very short so I slowed it down to half speed.


Don't often see a Jackdaw in the garden. This one was recorded having a drink.

I was relieved to see that a trail camera had recorded a couple of visits by a hedgehog recently. Also there were a couple of visits by a fox.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Spotted in the Churchyard

As we walked through the back of the village churchyard something caught my attention:


Someone had placed a very neatly painted peddle in the shape of a ladybird on one of the gravestones.


Lovely to see. It is quite a while since I saw a painted pebble in the village. A sign that things are getting back to 'old normal'.

Thursday, 22 April 2021


Worried and disappointed that there have been no sightings of a Hedgehog in the garden for five nights now. We will have to make do with this:


Penny's latest soft toy.

The fox visited a couple of nights ago. First appearance for about two weeks. Trust it to pick a night where the video was almost washed out due to there being a heavy mist at the time. It seems to have been one of those weeks for achieving next to nothing on the wildlife front. I spent some time trying to photograph and video a bee fly only to achieve unusable, fuzzy, out of focus results.

To quote an old political sound bite - Things can only get better.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Caught on Camera

The past couple of days haven't been shorts and T-shirt weather but at least the grass was dry enough in the afternoons to give it the once over with the mower. Hedgehog activity in the garden has tailed right off. The night before last saw one brief visit and last night none was detected by the trail or feeding cameras. I wonder whether it is a mama hog about to give birth. As for the fox. That hasn't been detected for quite a while. I am gradually building up a collection of video clips of the different birds which come to the old waterfall for a drink. Not enough yet to make a video.

Caught on camera?

IMG_0446 pigeon

Just a Wood Pigeon in full flight.

P.S. From what I have just read hoglets are not due untl June or July so it's too early in the year for that.
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