Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bird Nestboxes

It is nearly a year since I put up two nest boxes on the back of my garden shed, one for the tit family and the other for Robins. They both have video cameras installed so I can watch any activity. Up until a week ago both boxes were being ignored but last week a Blue Tit used the tit box as a roost on two nights and has investigated the box a few more times.

A box for Blue Tits

Tit Nestbox

The box for Robins - surrounded by artificial Ivy as Robins prefer to nest in a secluded position. This is an experiment to see whether the idea works.

Robin Nestbox

The tit box has a colour camera from Handykam which shows colour video if the light is bright enough - otherwise the picture is black and white. The Robin box has an old black and white board camera.

A picture of the board camera which is mounted on a sheet of plastic to keep it away from any damp wood. The top of the box is covered with the type of plastic used for damp proof courses to try to keep the inside of the box dry. So far it has stood up to a year of very heavy rainfall.

robin nestbox camera

A little video of the Blue Tit puffed out like a feather ball to keep warm in the sub zero temperature.


  1. Mr & Mrs Whitehead9 March 2009 at 22:45

    Hi Mj,
    Very good website indeed. Just got a Bird box camera from Handykam too. We have had a couple of BT winter roosters. The quality is amazing and we cannot wait until nesting season. Fingers crossed for your boxes too.

    Mr & Mrs J Whitehead

  2. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments. I need to get a bit more daylight in the BT nestbox but that will have to wait now. I wish you luck and hope you get some successful nesters this season. John


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