Friday, 16 January 2009

Reduced Activity

For the past few days there has been a marked reduction in the number and type of birds visiting the feeders. I can't help wondering how many succumbed to the short period of harsh weather conditions last week. At the moment there is just one sparrow and one starling at the table. Normally there would be anything up to ten starlings squabbling over the fat balls.

One cheerful note - the Blue Tit has just been tidying up in the nest box by throwing out a few of the pieces of wood shaving I had placed in the bottom when I fixed the box in place so that one managed to survive OK.

By late morning things improved as there was a group of eight Chaffinches feeding on the ground mixed in with several Starlings and the odd Collared Dove.

A couple of Sparrows enjoying a peanut snack last Summer

sparrows feeding

Chaffinches taking cover in an old tree


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