Monday, 26 January 2009

Window Cleaning

While there was no activity at the bird feeders I decided to give the inside of the kitchen window a clean. It certainly needed it. I noticed some while ago that my then window cleaner used Fairy Liquid in his water so I now use the same. It only takes one tiny drop on a damp sponge and all the greasy marks are soon gone. Once again I now have a clear view of the birds in my garden. I have to move about slower as they can now see me more easily.

After a short wait a Coal Tit was the first to arrive quickly followed by the Blue Tit, several Sparrows, a couple of Greenfinches, Great Tits, Starlings and Chaffinches.

For the first time I am experimenting using the raw facility on the Canon to see what difference there is compared with jpg, especially in the present abysmal lighting conditions. I'll give it a few days and see whether the difference in detail is significant enough to warrant buying a larger capacity card.

A couple of Chaffinches looking for the seed I scattered on the lawn. They seem to prefer to eat there rather than on the bird table.


Came back from taking Bobby for his afternoon walk, opened the back door to be almost deafened by bird song. There hardly 15 feet away was a Robin singing its little heart out. I haven't heard much bird song round here over the past month but that has gradually increased over the past week. It helps to cheer me up on these dismal overcast days.

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