Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Bit more Colour

I can tell it's getting nearer to Spring without going out or even looking out of the window. I can hear the first lawn mower of the year droning away at a property opposite me. I would have thought the lawn would have been too damp, mine certainly is. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Walking round the village with Bobby this morning I could see that many of the old houses now have lovely carpets of white Snowdrops. Under the shade of the trees in one part of the church yard is the usual crop of yellow Winter Aconite. They always make a cheerful sight.

Winter Aconite

Wandering round my garden yesterday I noticed a few Dwarf Iris were in full bloom.

Dwarf Iris Dwarf Iris

Those along with several clumps of yellow Crocus and the hundreds of Snowdrops show that nature is awakening and there is better, well warmer at least, weather to come before too long. Also I notice that many of my dwarf trees show signs that the leaf buds are beginning to grow. For the first time this year I noticed that the greenhouse door is open. A few years ago I adapted an electric car aerial, along with a thermostat and some other electrical bits, to open and close the door automatically. The Sun is shining on the greenhouse and it must be must be getting near 18C in there for the system to operate.

Tit Nest Box

Virtually all of the wood shavings have now disappeared from the bottom of the box. All I can see is a few small fluffy feathers - whether shed by the bird or put in there on purpose I do not know.

Mid afternoon I spotted the Blue Tit make a brief visit to the nest box so it is still showing interest.


  1. I'm beginning to believe that Spring is really on its way now I've seen Winter Aconite and Iris looking so cheery! Thanks John. :)

    Fingers crossed that the Blue Tits will nest.

  2. I love the sight of the Winter Aconite. Twice I've collected a small amount of the seed and tried to grow my own but each time they have started to grow and then died off. Maybe it is too warm for them in the greenhouse. I'll find a similar shady spot in the garden and try sowing some direct next time.


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