Sunday, 1 February 2009

Jackdaw with White Feathers

After noticing Jackdaws for the first time a few days ago another one visited the garden yesterday. It was cold but beautifully sunny for much of the day so once again I set up the camera with the long zoom lens in the kitchen. I know this Jackdaw was a new one as the previous pair had the traditional colouring. The newcomer had many white feathers which were very noticeable. I have recently heard and read about blackbirds with some white tail feathers and have seen a Chaffinch with some white tail feathers. It would appear it is not uncommon amongst blackbirds to have some white.

These photographs are of the same bird. The blueish one was taken when it was in the shade on the lawn but when it was in full sun on the shed roof it looks black.

White Feathers - Jackdaw

White Feathers - Jackdaw

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