Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Mild February Day

I spent the morning tidying up in the fruit cage. I might feed the birds and encourage them to visit the garden but they are not really welcome to help themselves to my blueberries and blackcurrants so I have those in a large walk-in caged area. While I was pottering about the garden I saw a Bumble Bee visiting a crocus flower. I think that was only the second one I have seen so far this year.

This afternoon as the Sun was shining for a change and the temperature had reached 11C I took the camera with me on our afternoon visit to the cricket field. In one distant field there were several horses; most standing so the cold wind was behind them.

Horses - Rumps to the Cold Wind

In another field were a few sheep. Only one of the lambs was in view.

Sheep with Lamb

All the time Bobby and I were on the cricket field we saw little wild life. Just a couple of Rooks and the odd Rabbit.

Rook and Rabbit

I've always been fascinated by the contrast between these trees. The poplar being more pliable is able to bend with strong winds. The older tree has lost one of its twin trunks and the other has been shaped by the prevailing winds.

Ravages of Time

As we left the one thing which reminded me that Summer is a long way off yet was the sight of a magnificent Weeping Willow seen here as it is today and compared with last Summer.

Weeping Willow in Winter Weeping Willow

Returning to the front garden I saw that there were more catkins and that the Mahonia was giving a good display of yellow flowers as were some crocuses.

Catkins Mahonia


Finally, just as we about to go back in the warmth, I spotted another Bumble Bee, well maybe the same one I saw this morning, visiting a heather plant.

Bumble Bee

So at least there are signs of Spring awakening even if I do have to wait a few months for Summer.


  1. Well that's a sight to gladden the heart and lift the spirits. I haven't seen any sunshine since last Saturday so your great pictures are really cheery and promises that spring's on its way!! Thanks John :D

  2. I think our local forecast said that today was our main chance to see any Sun this week! Yesterday started out with thick fog and stayed misty all day.


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